Ego Emi?

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Hi Ward.  You wrote:

>3. Paul Schmehl: did you receive it as Greek or as six question marks
>(which is how it appears in your email when I received it)?

I received it as Greek letters.  And I can tell you that, if you're using
Windows, you can reproduce Greek letters quite easily by simply changing
your keyboard layout.  For example, I can type εγο ειμι or ΕΓΟ ΕΙΜΙ in plain
ASCII text simply by switching my keyboard to Greek.  If all B-Greekers
could do this, it would be very nice, but I doubt they can, because not all
are using Windows.

Εν αρχη ην ο λογος.  ΕΝ ΑΡΧΗ ΗΝ Ο ΛΟΓΟΣ can be typed quite easily simply by
clicking on an icon in my taskbar that allows me to switch between Greek and
English.  It's even possible to supply rough breathings.  I haven't figure
out how to do the accents yet, but I'd be surprised if they weren't

Οϋτως γαρ ηγαπησεν ό θεος τον κοσμον ωστε τον υιον τον μονογενη εδωκεν ίνα
πας ό πιστευων εισ αυτον μη αποληται αλλ' εχη ζωην αιωνιον.

>4. Is the day any nearer as yet when we can adopt a program, download an
>add-on, use a protocol, whatever it takes, which enables us to use actual
>Greek letters for Greek words?

The day is actually here for Windows users.  I don't believe it is for Mac
users, although someone with a more intimate knowledge of the Mac may be
able to confirm that it is.

For Windows users, just click on Start/Settings/Control
Panel/Keyboard/Language, and Add Greek.  Make sure to click on the box that
says "Enable indicator on taskbar", so you'll have the icon to switch
between languages.

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