Brent Hudson brent at
Sat Sep 8 00:21:08 EDT 2001


Thank you for your comments and examples, I will include these in later
lessons.  My 'section' on accents should take about 10 minutes, then we will
move on to more 'interesting' things.  I am not a purist trying to preserve
the ancient system of accents. My goal is that they will read the NT with
the appropriate tools and be encouraged to continue when the year ends.
That obviously includes reducing drop-out as much as is possible.  I have
made three charts that visually represent the fundamental rules of accent.
Anyone who has watched the Simpsons and can memorize graphical patterns can
commit them to memory in less than 10 minutes.  I learned them in less than
10 minutes and this is still how I remember the rules of accent.  I'm not
testing on accents, so the keeners will do it and the rest can zone-out
until I move on to the next point.

I put my charts below (in ASCII form), just to show how simple the rules
accents can be.

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