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At 8:00 PM -0300 9/7/01, Brent Hudson wrote:
>I am teaching an Introductory Greek class this year for the first time.  My
>next class is on accents and while I'm not expecting them to master the
>rules, I do want them to have a little understanding of their importance in
>some situations.  Before I tell and old tale, I was wondering if the story
>of the actor Hegelochus mispronouncing GALHN hORW is found in a source
>somewhere or is it an apocryphal tale kept alive by desparate Greek

I taught Greek for 40 years and never heard this one; I've referred to
Heraclitus' BIO/S (bow) and BI/OS (life). Your story sounds like the sort
of thing that might appear in one of Plutarch's Lives or in Athenaeus'

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