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But Jim, it looks to me like the handing of the scroll to Jesus takes place
before it is unrolled or the place is found, then Jesus finds the place,
hEUREN TON TOPON. Wouldn't that be a little difficult for an illiterate
person in a scroll several yards long? And where in the New Testament does
the meaning "recite" fit the context as well as "read"? Isn't the proposed
meaning rather an example of the etymological fallacy? Does the blessing of
Rev. 1:3 come only to those who are able to recite from memory the words of
the prophecy?

Bultmann, in the TWNT, while saying that the basic meaning es "to know
exactly" or "to recognize", also says that "for the most part it is used
with the sense of reading or public reading", and specifically refers to
Luke 4:13 as an example of cultic reading of the OT. I can't see that either
he or BAGD gives any example of the meaning you have given it in Luke 3:14.

David Haeuser
Lima, Peru

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> > Dear Jim:
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> > Where does it say that Jesus was illiterate? Lk 4 is quite
> clear that he was
> > able to read.
> >
> this does have to do with greek so i'm going to say on list what
> i said in
> private to a number of folk.
> lk 4 says nothing of the sort that is generally claimed for it.
> in lk jesus is
> handed a scroll opened to a text and then he procedes to *recite*
> the text.
> the verb *anaginwskw* properly means *recite* rather than *read*.  why?
> because literally the verb is a compound with a preposition.  the
> preposition
> *ana* means *again* or *down*.  now, if we take this seriously it
> means *to
> know again, to know down* which is much closer in meaning to the
> english word
> *recite* than *read*.
> that jesus *recited* is quite a different thing than that he *read*.
> best to all
> jim
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