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Dear Jim:

Where does it say that Jesus was illiterate? Lk 4 is quite clear that he was
able to read.

En Xpistw,

Rev. Bryant J. Williams III
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> >And perhaps this is not the forum to raise the issue, but I always
> >that the LXX was the Bible of Jesus and the early Church, in that the OT
> >the Bible.
> Jesus was illiterate.  The bible he heard read from each sabbath was the
> Hebrew text, translated into aramaic.
> As far as the early christian church (as reflected in the documents we
> the NT) is concerned, there is evidence that sometimes the author
> paraphrases the Hebrew text, sometimes translates it, sometimes uses
> something akin to the LXX, and sometimes freely paraphrases the LXX.
> is not a single text in the NT, however, where any version or copy of the
> LXX is copied word for word.  So either they had did their own translation
> of the hebrew text, paraphrased the LXX, or had a veersion of the LXX now
> lost to us.
> >
> >The vast majority of quotations from the OT by all the NT authors are
> >from the LXX, are they not?
> no they are not.  see above.  and if you say LXX you have to say which
> The issue is more complex then simply saying *the early church used the
>  Is there any evidence that the OT quotes are
> >fresh translations into Greek from the old Hebrew when the NT was
> yes.  see Matthews use of Hos 11:1 for instance.
> >If not, then wouldn't the LXX seem to be the Bible of the early Church
> >Jesus?
> No, again, Jesus was illiterate.  He knew the Bible in its semitic guise.
> the authors of the various NT texts all went their own way as described
> best
> jim
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