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Steven R. Lo Vullo doulos at appleisp.net
Thu Sep 6 18:02:39 EDT 2001

on 9/6/01 9:12 AM, George Athas at gathas at ausisp.com wrote:

Hi George:

> I understand your point about the hair being given as a covering. However, I'm
> not sure the "by nature" argument precludes the idea of "hair-do" since it
> would imply that the hair must be "unstyled" or "unbrushed" and I don't think
> that is an aspect of Paul's argument.

The point was that "hair" (KOMH) was "given" (DEDOTAI) her "for a covering"
(ANTI PERIBOLAIOU). This no more necessarily precludes styling or brushing
the hair than women having been given ears for hearing necessarily precludes
them from wearing an earring! It's not entirely clear to me why, if my point
is valid, that would be a necessary (or even logical) inference to draw.

As always, glad to hear from you.

Steve Lo Vullo
Madison, WI

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