Directions, please?

Erik Westwig ewestwig at
Thu Sep 6 10:52:32 EDT 2001

Hi there,

I've been studying NT Greek on my own for about 9 months or so now (and am
enjoying it quite a bit, by the way) but since I do not have a teacher, I
decided it would be useful to find a discussion group where I could ask
questions and share learning ideas.  I joined b-greek a few days ago in
hopes this would be just such a place, but after reading a few dozen of your
posts, I think I'm in a little bit over my head!  Could anyone point me to a
more approriate discussion group for a beginning Greek student, trying to
learn on his own?  I've been using the book, "Basics of Biblical Greek" by
William Mounce, and was hoping to find a discussion group dedicated to that
book, but Dr. Mounce's website does not appear to have one.

Thanks so much,

ewestwig at

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