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Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 20:42:28 -0700 (PDT)
From: Fatmir Cici <foticici at>
Subject: [b-greek] Translation Studies
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 Cairete pantes!
I have been your listener for one week and would like to ask you about
translations studies of New Testament. I am starting graduate studies at
the Ohio State University (Greek Studies) and am interested on doing a
comparative research about the existing translations of NT into Albanian
and Modern Greek.
I studied theology in the University of Athens, Greece and have
difficulties to start my project in America. In our university here do not
exist any theological studies. But anyway I am interested in philology and
I met a professor who does some biblical work and seems willing to hear my
plans but I am confused for some reasons.
Do I have to learn Hebrew before I start some Independent Studies in New
And how 'textual criticism', to which I am not familiar,  will rule my work?
If I want to begine with "'psychi' and 'pneuma' in Albanian", what
bibliography do you suggest that I should study? My question doesn't apply
Albanian bibliogaraphy but the methodology of my research and about
similiar work on the English translations of the same notions (psychi and
pneuma), if it exists.

I do apologize about my mistakes in English and will appreciate any help
from the list.

Fatmir Cici

Ohio State University (Gradute student and teaching assistant of Modern
Greek),  cici.1 at

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