Refresh Your Greek - Greek New Testament by Perschbacher

Jim McGowan jamcgowan at
Wed Sep 5 00:58:49 EDT 2001

I was wondering if anyone would comment on their feelings / experiences
concerning this resource.

It is out of print presently but I have found a company that will reprint
it for less than its original cost and I am wondering if doing so would be
considered a worthwhile endeavor?  I am thinking about having my students
purchase it instead of the Greek New Testaments usually used in the study
of Greek.

Presently, I have Zerwick's Grammatical Analysis and Fribergs Analytical
NT.  In my humble opinion, Zerwick's Grammatical Analysis is too limiting
since it doesn't provide a complete text and Friberg's parsing codes are
somewhat tedious to master.  This is not to say that they are invaluable.

It's just that I personally like the fact that the text contains some
parsing, some syntactical "helps" on each page, and a brief grammar in the
back of the book.  Every word isn't parsed so the student still must
demonstrate competency.  The syntactical notes make for good discussion

It seems to me that having these helps in one volume encourages the
student to read the Greek NT and that is what I am after.

I really would be interested in hearing from anyone out there who has this
NT and how they are using it.


Jim McGowan 
Doctoral Candidate
Tyndale Theological Seminary

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