1 cor 11:14

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How did you know that the suggested idea is a secondary meaning of KOMAW? My
software version of Louw-Nida does not mention it that I can see and BDAG
just notes that perhaps this is the idea that Paul is referring to. I am not
questioning your comment, just trying to learn how you knew it. What
reference could I have found it in?

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At 7:58 PM -0400 9/3/01, Jim West wrote:
>i wonder if others would object to my translating 1 cor 11:14 as follows-
>"does not nature itself teach you that if a male has plumed hair it is a
>dishonorable thing?"
>i have translated "komaw" with "plumed" instead of the standard "long".  it
>seems to me that Paul is not talking about the length of hair but with folk
>over concerned with physical appearance.

Well, that's certainly novel, and it IS one secondary sense of the verb;
but KOMAW was already used in Homer and continuously on down through Greek
lit as "let hair grow long."  I suppose that you will go on and translate 1
Cor 11:15 as follows: "But if a woman plumes herself/puts on airs, it is
her glory"?

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