1 cor 11:14

George Athas gathas at ausisp.com
Tue Sep 4 11:18:17 EDT 2001

| >i wonder if others would object to my translating 1 cor 11:14 as follows-
| >
| >"does not nature itself teach you that if a male has plumed hair it is a
| >dishonorable thing?"
| >
| >i have translated "komaw" with "plumed" instead of the standard "long".  it
| >seems to me that Paul is not talking about the length of hair but with folk
| >over concerned with physical appearance.


I've recently been tossing up the same suggestions myself. I would perhaps go for
"hair-do" rather than "plumed" (which sounds quite baroque). In the context, Paul is at
pains to keep the distinction between men and women clear. One of the ways this is done is
by the hair-do. "Long hair" doesn't sit right with me since in the Hebrew tradition, long
hair was a sing of avowed devotion to God (Nazirite vow). I think Paul is saying that when
a woman has a hair-do, it accentuates her femininity, but for a man to have a similar
"hair-do" is a disgrace. I find it interesting that Paul doesn't opt for literally saying
"long hair" (TRICES MAKRAI), but opts for the verb KOMAW.

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