hEWS hOU in 2Pt 1:19

George Athas gathas at ausisp.com
Sun Sep 2 07:02:30 EDT 2001

2 Peter is very eschatological in its purpose: holding onto the teaching of the eyewitness
apostles in order to make it through to the final Day of the Lord. 2 Peter doesn't say
much that is spiritually mystical. Even the concept of participating in the divine nature
is quite mundane: it's simply keeping and guarding the teaching of the apostles. The most
natural meaning of the metaphor in 1:19 seems to be the Parousia. If the apostles had
physically seen prophecy fulfilled in Jesus, then the readers were to hold to that
apostolic testimony to get them through to the Parousia, for in the meantime, there would
be numerous people teaching things contrary to the word of the eyewitness apostles which
would lead them to destruction at the Parousia. The only work of the Holy Spirit mentioned
in the letter is that prophets were driven by it in their writings.

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