2Pet 3:6 DI' hWV

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Sat Sep 1 15:17:50 EDT 2001

After spending about thirty minutes trying without much success to determine
the antecedent of DI' hWV in 2Pet 3:6 under my own steam, I grabbed Huther
(Meyer's Handbook) and discovered that my difficulty in this matter was not
without precedent. 

Some of the suggested antecedents are listed here:

hUDATOS - Huther and others

LOGWi - JB Mayor who reads hON (P 69.vid 945 t vg.mss),  rather than hWN.

OURANOI . . . KAI GH - Bo Reicke and others

hUDATOS and LOGWi - JND Kelly and others

A good summary of the views on this question can be found in R.Bauckham
(2Pt/Jude WBC p. 298).

If any of the b-greek crowd has taken a special interest in this question
and has some thoughts about it, I am all ears. I probably will not have much
more to say about it myself but I would like to hear what anyone who has
given this text serious consideration has to say.



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