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Sat Oct 27 18:24:50 EDT 2001

At 1:31 PM -0700 10/27/01, Glen L Naftaniel wrote:
>Hello everyone,
>I am looking to find a nice looking Greek font that will allow me to type
>with breathing marks.  I have a few fonts now and they allow my to type
>accents but none of them allow my to type breathing marks.  If anyone has
>any recommendations of a font that I can download or if anyone can send
>my a font as an attachment, I would appreciate it.

Two web sites worth your looking at are:

Little Greek Guide to Fonts for New Testament Greek


Fonts fuer Patristiker (Fremdsprachige Zeichensaetze für Patristiker)  This latter has fonts for
several different languages but Greek's among them, and presumably you can
figure out the German well enough to find what's worth while there.


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