APOLLUMI and voice

Mark Wilson emory2oo2 at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 27 11:35:07 EDT 2001


>and they were destroyed/killed by the destroyer
>APOLONTO is parsed as aorist middle, because it is middle in form, even
>though it may be middle or passive in sense. (Perish or be killed).
>APOLLUNTO is parsed as imperfective passive. One can argue that this 
>is based on syntax in that it is possible to supply an agent to a passive
>form but not to a middle form.

You say here at the end, I think, that an agent can not be
supplied to a middle, but you indicate the hUPO is retained
in 1 Cor 10.10, which seems to be a Middle with supplied agent.

The sense I get from this verse is

they got themselves killed (middle) by the destroyer (agent).

As if the Middle states that the experiencers have only themselves
to blame for a destroyer/agent killing them. Based on their own
decisions, they must bear responsibility to what happened to them.
(I guess the passive in 10:9 would not stress the experiencers
own actions that brought about the effect.)

I'm sure I misunderstood you. Could you clarify this please?

Mark Wilson

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