2Pet 2:18 syntax

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In 2Pet 2:18,  Peter's administrative assistant leaves us with some more
riddles to solve.


After pouring over this for an hour or so, and reading several times the
discussions of the multiple solutions in  J. Huther, J.B. Mayor, M. Green
(Tyndale), R. Bauckham (WBC),  I have yet to find a solution that stands out
as the obviously correct one. Probably no such solution is "out there" to be

Inserting a KAI:  SARKOS (KAI) ASELGEIAIS and reading both  EPIQUMIAIS and
ASELGEIAIS as describing the means or instrument or mode of DELEAZOUSIN is
an attractive solution. But as M. Green points out, the KAI is wanting and
this absence is felt.

Reading the text. var. ASELGEIAS (P Psi 81 323 614 630 945 1241 1739 2495 al
lat sy(h))  perhaps reduces the number of syntactical options (does it?) but
that is probably why the reading came into existence. Or perhaps some scribe
was dyslexic, but which scribe?

After all the smoke clears (does it clear?) I am impressed by the LACK of
semantic significance this syntactical ambiguity imposes on the
understanding of this text. The choice of one of the several options does
not seem to have a big impact on the meaning and message of immediate
context or the whole epistle.

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