What to do with PNEUMATIKOS

Frank Gee frankrgee at outpost.net.au
Wed Oct 17 21:11:09 EDT 2001

Dear b-greek members  TE KAI  Iver Larsen,

In response to Iver Larsen's last posting on this thread, of 11/10/01   7.15pm:

My regrets that my "tomorrow"  has encompassed some five days.  My youngest daughter's twenty-first birthday
has inter-vened (not that that is any excuse).

Before resuming our friendly hostilities (good excuse to use that wonderful Greek term, oxymoron!),  I have a couple
of requests.

Iver, I appreciated your reference to the article which gave you such interesting insights into Hebraic turns of thought.
I've checked the electronic catalogues of libraries in Australia, and cannot find it anywhere, so far.  You recall it was:
Kaplan, Robert, B. 1966. "Cultural thought Patterns in Inter-Cultural
Education" Language and learning 16(1 and 2) 1-20.
You've got me intrigued, and I would love to read it.  But how?  Presumably Language and Learning is a serial
of some kind, but it doesn't seem to be accessible locally.   Do you know if the article is available in electronic
format?    (From you, perhaps?)

There are some other questions I'd like to put to you off-line, which have to do with my present research project.
As I have previously mentioned, that research is closely associated with work in the Bible translation community.
So I'd appreciate it if you would let me know your email contact address, to enable such direct communication.

And yes, I shall soon enter the lists once more, with some ideas on I Corinthians 12 to 14.

With all best wishes, and thanks,

Frank Gee
Jamberoo, Australia
frankrgee at outpost.net.au

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