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Wed Oct 17 16:53:32 EDT 2001

on 10/17/01 1:47 PM, Iver Larsen wrote:

> In 2 Pet 2:1 there is no KAI before EGENONTO, and it is not a discourse
> progression marker here.

Iver and Bryant,

You are right. I had drifted away from the question about 2 Pet 2:1 since
after looking at it again I realized it was a  messy example, complicated by
other considerations not the least of which is the one Bryant raises.

I just happened to grab 2 Pet 2:1 because it was handy  (I was reading it)
and then after thinking about it realized that this is not a narrative
segment and that using it as an example would fog the issue of left hand
constituents which is the topic of my question.

Thanks for all the well informed responses. My role on this list seems to be
getting the other guys who know something to talk.

good day,


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