PANTES In Mt.26:27

Harry W. Jones hjbluebird at
Mon Oct 15 06:55:51 EDT 2001

Dear Russell,

PANTES is an adjective that's being used substantively here.
That is, as a noun. Any adjective that's not in either 
an attributive or predicate position with a noun,is being 
used as either a noun or adverb. The "Analytical Greek Lexicon"
by Moulton gives it as, "nom. pl. masc". It being in the 
Nominative suggests that it is the subject of this sentence.

Best Regards,
Harry Jones

> B-Greek,
> PANTES in Mt.26:27 is parsed "Adjective, Pronominal, Nominative, Masculine,
> Plural [Analytical Greek New Testament, Friberg and Friberg].  Is this a
> Substantive use of the Adjective?  With what word does PANTES have 
> grammatical agreement?
> Russell Rankin
> Maple Grove, Minnesota, USA
> rrankin at

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