2Pet 2:1-2 full stop

c stirling bartholomew cc.constantine at worldnet.att.net
Sun Oct 14 13:47:17 EDT 2001

The punctuation in UBSGNT3 and NA27 at the end of 2Pet 2:1 and the beginning
of 2:2 raises a problem. Why did the editors of the received text place a
full stop before EPAGONTES hEAUTOIS TACINHN APWLEIAN and a comma after it?

Joining  EPAGONTES hEAUTOIS TACINHN APWLEIAN to what follows in 2:2 seems to
make no sense but I am sure the editors had a reason. So what was it? Anyone

Couldn't find anyone who agreed with this punctuation. The following
scholars placed a comma before and a full stop after this clause: H. Alford,
R. Bauckham (WBC), Bo Reicke (AB), J.H. Neyrey (AB), Hodges & Farstad.

Anyway, I was taking another pass at 2nd Peter and was brought to a full
stop by the full stop before EPAGONTES.


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