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This is the only place in the Gospel of John (and, it appears, the rest of
the Johannine works) where PISTEUW + EN is found.  Elsewhere the preposition
is always EIS, or the simple dative is used.  So John 3:16 is the normal
case for the book.

Some translations see this unique use of EN where EIS would be expected to
cause the prepositional phrase to be attached to the ECH ZWHN AIONION,
yielding "every one believing, in him he has eternal life."  But, according
to Louw and Nida, the semantic domains of EPI, EIS, and EN appear to overlap
in the area of markers of content as a means of specifying a particular
referent - ‘concerning, with respect to, with reference to, about, in.’  So
the option of the majority of translations as the prepositional phrases in
both verses being tied to the participle has good support as well.

This is not a definitive answer, but I hope that the couple additional ideas
does add to your analysis of the situation.

Paul Zellmer

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> Greetings friends:
> Is it significant that John uses EN AUTWi, in Jn. 3:15, but EIS
> AUTON in the
> following verse, even though the phrases are otherwise so
> similar?  That is,
> is something meant by the first reference that is not meant by the second?
> I understand the textbook difference  between the prepositions, but I also
> understand that such differences are often treated too rigidly.
> What's the
> case here?  Thanks.
> Ted
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