Eph. 1:6 EN hHi

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Thu Oct 11 13:31:48 EDT 2001

E. Best (Eph. ICC, p.129) states that the reading EN hHi which is supported
by Aleph(2), D, G, Psi, Maj, would predispose us to understand ECARITWSEN
"as indicating a change in believers who are made gracious by God's grace."

Best doesn't accept either the reading EN hHi or the interpretation of
ECARITWSEN popular among the Church Fathers.

My question:

Why is the interpretation of the Church Fathers linked to this reading?
Chrysostom read hHS but still argued that ECARITWSEN was causative "to make
lovable" (see Markus Barth, Eph. AB, p.81).

Furthermore in Pauline usage EN + Dative (EN hHi) is frequently not

So I don't see why the interpretation of the Fathers would rise or fall on
this reading.


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