Jud 3:17 (LXX)

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This actually might relate to something we were discussing in Hebrew Poetry
class yesterday.  Generally, it seems to be a good thing to be fat in the
Hebrew Bible.  In some cases, the use of the term even seems a bit out of
place (for instance, that Daniel and his friends got fat on vegetables).
Perhaps the translators recognized this general trend more than they knew
the story of Ehud.  If a reader did not already know why the point was being
made about the king's fatness, he might be inclined to think that it was to
show the greatness of Ehud's opponent.  By the time he got far enough to see
how the story develops, he might not have remembered to go back and find a
better translation.  (It doesn't have to be a case of sloppiness either, but
that's the first explanation that coes to mind.  I think at least that the
generally positive connotations of fatness in Hebrew make the translation

Trevor Peterson

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> howdy
> i am fascinated by the fact that the LXX of Jud 3:17 describes Eglon as a
> "beautiful" man whilst the Hebrew text calls him a fat man.  What
> possessed
> the translator of the LXX to use the word "asteios" of Eglon when
> the hebrew
> manuscripts all evidently contained "bari" (fat)?
> best
> jim
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