JACT NT Gk Reader?

G. Ross gfross at pacbell.net
Wed Oct 10 04:36:36 EDT 2001

Intermediate readers are very helpful to those of us who are studying on our
own and who need or prefer to have additional simplified or annotated
readings to help us make the transition from elementary Greek to
unsimplified texts.

Geia sas!

Gordon Ross

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> Rodney J. Decker wrote:
> > Just rec'd. the new Cambridge catalog and note a "new" release: *NT
> > A Reader* listed as a JCAT vol. intended as a second year text (to
> > Wenham).
> I am wondering what these "readers" are good for? Isn't this just money
making? Every
> better teacher prepares this on his own.
> Best wishes
>     Wieland
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