Gal 4:18 EN KALWi

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Tue Oct 9 20:10:29 EDT 2001

on 10/9/01 5:32 PM, Harry W. Jones at hjbluebird at wrote:

> Dear Carl,
> I appreciate your help on this but I only was trying point out to Diana
> that KALWi didn't seem to be used as a substantive for a person in the
> NT Greek and so that could account for why the translators translated it
> the way they did. It doesn't seem like it AGAQOS was used that way either
> except possibly in Ro. 5:7 and 1Pet. 2:18. Of course theoretically KALWi
> could be used as a substantive for a person but that doesn't seem to be
> the case in the NT Greek text.

The substantival use of AGAQOS for persons is indisputable. You seem to
reject Carl's example of Mt 19.17 even though it is modified by the article
and therefore must be taken as substantival. And Rom 5.7 and 1 Pet 2.18 are
not only possible, but certain. In addition to those Carl offered, there is
also the certain example of Mt 5.45 (AGAQOUS, "good people).

Steven Lo Vullo
Madison, WI

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