Index in the DDD??

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Mon Oct 8 15:34:45 EDT 2001

Blew some of my lunch money Friday on a copy of the:

Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible, K. van der Toorn . . . eds. ,
2nd ed. Eerdmans/Brill 1999

Greeks who use this book will soon discover a quirk in the index. Take a
look for EXOUSIAI in the index and you will find all the SECONDARY
references to it but not the primary article which is found under

I thought at first this was just a one time error but then I looked under
KOSMOKRATORES in the index and found the secondary references (pp.
79,82,124) but not the main article under World Rulers on page 908.

This does not make the book impossible to use, but it does mean you need to
discover what English gloss they use for a heading and cannot rely on the
greek lemma.

Seems like this problem could have been fixed in the SECOND edition of this
book. The index is the weakest aspect of the book. The articles are helpful.


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