Iver Larsen iver_larsen at
Mon Oct 8 14:07:28 EDT 2001

> Codex Alexandrinus adds "first".  See the critical apparatus ad loc.  I
> think that editors err here when they leave it out.

When a variant reading is supported by only one MS, there would need to be
strong internal support for the variant. This is not the case here as far as
I can see.

It is most likely that the extra word PRWTON crept in by way of habit,
because it occurred in the similar construction IOUDAI.. PRWTON TE KAI
hELLHN.. in Rom 1:16, 2:9 and 2:10. In these contexts, the word PRWTON fits
well, because the Gospel was first preached to the Jews before it reached
the Greek, and similarly the judgment started with the Jews. These contexts
suggest a chronological order that is absent from the context of 3:9. Both
internal and external evidence favour the text without PRWTON in 3:9.

Iver Larsen

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