John 2:3-5

Alex / Ali alexali at
Mon Oct 8 08:58:43 EDT 2001

Joe Crane asked about John 2:3-5.  List members have already commented on
the words TI EMOI KAI SOI, GUNAI; in verse four.

Joe wrote also (regarding verse 5)

>TI AV LEGN UMIV POINSATE (whatever he says to do, do)
>LEGN- 2nd, singular, middle, future, indicative

Joe, my transliteration is a little different.  What you write as LEGN I
will transliterate as LEGHi.  It is 3rd singular, present subjunctive

You indicated that you're reading through John.  Perhaps Peter Misselbrook's
site, , might be of
some interest to you; it "contains notes designed to encourage those who
want to read through the Greek New Testament. There are 250 sets of notes,
each of which covers five days."

Alex Hopkins
Melbourne, Australia

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