Help With John 16:22

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Wed Oct 3 21:52:21 EDT 2001

Erik Westwig wrote:

It seems to me that AREI (future active) would be appropriate here,
since both OYOMAI and XARHSETAI are future.  Or is there some more subtle
nuance I am missing?

I think the answer to this may be more philosophical than translation, but 
let me give an insight.

Jesus was preparing his disciples for the next steps in his plan.  in the 
next few days they would be cruelly deprived of him (he was to die) and they 
would need some assurance that they would survive what was about to happen 
with thier faith intact.  Hence he speaks to them of the immediate future 
because it was about to begin within a few hours.  Second Jesus always speaks 
of his promises for our faith as though they are already accomplished because 
as he sees them they are.

Because we see this as a present fact we can be confident no matter what we 
see happening around us now.  Our faith is not only in the future.

Dale Greenlee

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