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Hi Dale,

How are things in Portland?

on 10/2/01 9:26 PM, Dale M. Wheeler wrote:

> Clay:
> You seem hesitant to accept Carl's explanation;

 Not True,  I was very happy with Carl's explanation. So happy with it that
there didn't seem to be much point in further elaboration. Carl is very
often right about these things. I have the utmost confidence in his judgment
on questions of Greek grammar.

> the same substantiving of a
> phrase occurs at Mark 9:23; Gal 5:14.

Yes, I have read these.

>The Eph passage essentially means,
> "Now this statement, "He ascended...", what does it mean, except this..."

Thanks for the translation. Sometimes translating does clarify things but
generally I avoid doing it.

> I think it may be time for you to "bite the bullet" and get a copy of
> Wallace...(-:

I have had a copy of Wallace available for several years now. I got the
county lib to purchase three of them. I leave it sitting on the shelf at my
local branch which I visit every day and bring it home perhaps three times a
year look at it for five minutes and then take it back. Grammars are a
matter of taste just like beer. Not every one likes Anchor Porter, some
people prefer Anchor Steam.
> If I might make an observation about commentaries...they are notoriously
> bad when it comes to really handling grammar;

Yes, this is generally true. The older they are the better they are
generally speaking. HAW Meyer's Handbook is pretty good.

>some of its because of
> editorial decisions to keep things brief, but in many cases its because the
> commentators' Greek grammar is not all that good to begin with.

E. Best seems to know Greek reasonably well.

Thanks for your comments.

warm greetings,


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