Eph 4:9 TO ANEBH

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> At 2:14 PM -0700 10/2/01, c stirling bartholomew wrote:

>> In  TO ANEBH, TO makes the quotation (fragment) ANEBH perform as a
>> substantive, and then the question TI ESTIN is asked relative to this
>> substantive.
>> Is this essentially correct?

on 10/2/01 2:34 PM, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
> Whether it's correct or not is another question, but it's the way I've
> always understood it; in English we tend to use a demonstrative that way
> (and the article was indeed originally a relatively weak demonstrative
> pronoun): "Just what is that 'he ascended'?"

Thank you Carl. If you think it is correct than I will accept it as correct.
In retrospect there is nothing very tricky about it but on some days even
the straight forward seems obscure.

Over all Ephesians is not a very difficult book to read. Not like 2nd Peter

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