Gal 4:18 EN KALWi

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Tue Oct 2 04:36:11 EDT 2001

While I'm interrupting with questions, there was one awhile back I couldn't
answer for myself.  There is no article in the phrase "EN KALWi" here, so it
could be masculine, as well as neuter.  The context in Galatians would
certainly support a reference to human agency, rather than neuter
instrumentality.  And BDF allows EN + (dative/instrumental) to be used for
personal agency.   Why, then, is this phrase translated (by all versions
I've checked) as "in a good cause," rather than "by a good person"?  Is
there a reason in Greek grammar; or is it merely that translators feel Paul
would not refer to himself as "good" or imply the opposite of other
Christians, personally, by contrast, even though he has been forcefully
saying these other Christians' suborning of doctrinal felonies among the
Galatians was quite bad?    (Rats!  Parse that sentence!)

[Dictionaries I checked may have leaned toward the (non-personal)
instrumental as more usual for such phrases, but not totally clear.  Both

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