New "Baby Greek" book by Bill Mounce

Trevor Peterson 06PETERSON at
Thu Nov 1 14:29:13 EST 2001

Carl wrote:
>I wonder why this "catalog description" makes me so skeptical? It looks so
>much like a book that teaches one only enough to be dangerous!

But it does raise an interesting question: What can/should a person learn 
about Greek who does not actually know enough and does not plan to learn 
enough to translate Greek? There are a lot of tools and commentaries that are 
designed at least in part for those who do not know Greek. Granted, it must be 
done with caution (we already know how dangerous a little Greek can be!), but 
is there a productive way to educate laypeople who want to make use of some of 
these resources? Ideally, they should learn Greek outright, but that is not 
always possible for various reasons. What then?

I'm not saying I have many answers; but it seems like we should have enough 
experience on this list to brainstorm a little bit about what is and is not a 
good idea. Let me get the ball rolling with lesson #1: A Little Greek Can Be a 
Dangerous Thing! Any ideas for follow-up lessons?

Trevor Peterson

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