Fwd: Re: Plain Text ASCII vs. Styled Text in AOL

Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at artsci.wustl.edu
Fri Jul 6 06:01:01 EDT 2001

As most list-members are aware, we have been urging list-members to avoid
using styled text or MIME text styles in messages to the list, for the
primary reason that every such message appears in duplicate in the daily
Digest format in which many members receive list messages; such duplicates
are not simply twice as long but sometimes as much as 3x as long because
the second part is set in HTML coding. Several new list-members have
recently told me that they can't write messages in plain-text in AOL and
that the AOL advisers have not been at all helpful. I'm re-sending this
message from Jay Adkins in February of this year, hoping it may be helpful
to some who are having that difficulty.

>From: JAdkins264 at aol.com
>Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 06:46:19 EST
>Subject: Re: Plain Text ASCII vs. Styled Text in AOL
>To: cwconrad at artsci.wustl.edu
>Carl wrote:
>> Recently I've been asked how to set this in AOL's e-mail program; can
>> someone  who uses AOL make that formatting information public here,
>> please?
>AOL 6.0 e-mail program's default is Plain Text, but it can be changed in
>various ways to use what is called styled text.  Many who use AOL don't
>realize they are using styled text.  To reset AOL's e-mail program to display
>Plain Text; from the menu bar select "Settings" then select "Preferences."  
>Next, from the middle column select "Font, text, & Graphics Preferences" and
>then select the "Reset" button at the bottom.  Hope this is helpful.
>Sola Gratia,
>Jay Adkins
>Always Under Grace!
>PS:  Dear Carl,
>I am convinced many who use AOL are not aware that when they change the font
>or the color of the background, etc.. they are using anything other than
>plain text.  These changes are no where referred to as reformatting to
>'styled text.'  Even when the default is recovered, it is not referred to as
>Plain Text ASCII.  Also I should mention AOL 6.0 is different from AOL 5.0,
>but by restoring the default in any version, that should result in Plain Text
>ASCII, though the exact procedures will differ.  

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