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>I have not read in any commentary a satisfactory interpretation of the
>command to greet no one along the way.

You may have noticed in the crit. app of N/A 27 that KAI MHDENA KATA THN ODON
ASPASHSQE is omitted in some mss., the most important being Aleph*.

However, this phrase appears in the main text, and English  translations 
usually carry a note of some kind or another; usually a cross-reference to 
2 Kg 4:29 and Elisha's instructions. ( as in the Jerusalem Bible notes )

The NAB has a more generalised note typical of other commentators:
" because of the urgency of the mission and the single-mindedness required 
of missionaries, attachment to material possessions should be avoided and 
even customary greetings should not distract from the fulfillment of the 
task. ".

And a connection has been made with the " aloofness of the Essenes towards 
all non-community members " citing 1QS 5:10-11:15.

Another approach is in the light of the hostility to be expected by the 
disciples as Jesus' heralds, and this "angle" finds in Lk. 10:4b an echo of 
the reapers and the enemies of Zion  in Ps. 129:,

         Let them be shamed and routed,
         those who hate Zion!
6       Let them be like grass on the roof
         that withers before it flowers.

7       With that no reaper fill his arms,
         no binder makes his sheaves
8       and those passing by will not say:
         "On you the Lord's blessing!"

BTW, there is an article " Greet No One On The Way" by A. O'Hagan but the 
source you may find rather obscure and hard to find:
SBFLA 16 ( 1965-66 ) 69-84
SBFLA = Studii biblici franciscani liber annus

Hope this is of some help.

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