Gramcord Greek on a Palm Pilot

Rodney J. Decker rdecker at
Mon Jan 22 15:17:46 EST 2001

At 11:41 AM 1/22/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Has anyone used the Palm Pilot Gramcord Greek NT?  Does it have 
>definitions with the parsing?  Do you think it will it be added in the future?

I'm beta testing this product. The GNT does not presently have glosses for 
the lemmas. I have strongly recom. to Olive Tree that they add this 
capability, and I think that this will likely happen in due time. (Though I 
cannot speak for them!) They are also working on the speed of moving from 
one version to another. They have made good progress since the release 
version. (I've received two new beta versions in the past week.) It's a 
promising product and will continue to improve.

I have some additional info on this on my "Doing Greek on a Palm" page:


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