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Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at
Tue Jan 9 19:38:18 EST 2001

At 4:08 PM -0700 1/9/01, Wayne Leman wrote:
>Yes, Steve. It has happened to all 3 of my recent messages also. I have
>notified Carl and I'm sure the techies will work on the problem ASAP.
>Wayne Leman

>> Hi all
>> I have been getting a ton of rejected messages, even though the message
>> actually made it to the list (in some cases a few days ago). Is anyone
>> experiencing this problem?
>> Steve Lo Vullo,
>> Madison, WI

I've had one of those myself, but in my case too the message DID make it to
the list (the one I was told had been rejected). I think the server is just
a little bit sick; occasionally it acts like it had something bad for


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