A Preposition Proposition

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Well, Matt, for starters, here's the introduction to EIS in Daniel 
Wallace, Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics:

	A.  Basic Uses (with Accusative only)

	1.  Spatial: into, toward, in

	2.  Temporal: for, throughout

	3.  Purpose: for, in order to, to

	4.  Result: so that, with the result that

	5.  Reference/Respect: with respect to, with reference to

	6.  Advantage: for

	7.  Disadvantage: against

	8.  In the place of ejn (with its various nuances)

At 17:39 -0400 8/30/01, Matthew R. Miller wrote:
>Helllo all,
>Would someone be so kind as to give me a summary of all of the general
>uses of the preposition EIS, including the different cases of nouns
>governed? Thanks, Matt Miller
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