hEWS hOU in 2Pt 1:19

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>Taking a second pass at 2nd Peter. Trying to clear up a few of the numerous
>difficult problems.  2Pt 1:19 presents a number of questions and I want to
>focus on only one of them. How should we understand hEWS hOU? I don't mean
>how should we translate it? Rather, what are the implications of hEWS hOU
>for the two constituents, before and after that are joined with hEWS hOU.
>Let me focus the question. Does hEWS hOU in this text tell us that the
>injunction Wi KALWS POIEITE PROSECONTES . . . only applies up until such
>time that hHMERA DIAUGASHi . . . ? In other words is Peter telling these
>people to *do this* until this takes place and then you no longer need to 
>it anymore? Is that the significance of hEWS hOU?

I would think so. I assume the hHMERA DIAUGASHi is the apocalyptic day of 
the Lord mentioned in 2 Pet 3:10ff and that Peter is exhorting his readers 
to pay heed to the Scriptures *until* that day. This appears to be the 
meaning of hEWS hOU, at least this is the way it appears to be used in other 
parts of the GNT, for example Matt 1:25; 17:9 and Luke 24:49. Best regards,

                                                        Tony Costa
>This passage certainly looks like a good candidate for being a classic 
>text for mysticism. But that isn't my question, just want to understand 
>the options are for hEWS hOU.
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