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At 8:12 PM -0400 8/28/01, George Blaisdell wrote:
>George Blaisdell
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>"Be not troubling of you the heart..."
>[From the Gospel of John, Chapter 14, verse 1.]
>>From: "Mark Wilson"
>>>The context has to be the determiner here. Paul is at pains to say that he
>>>encountered a
>>>real, physical Jesus, just like the other apostles. However, his encounter
>>>came 'out of
>>>time', as it were, since it was not at the same time as the others
>>>encountered the
>>>resurrected Jesus. His was a later delivery.
>>What caught my attention here was "later delivery."
>>Does not the word EKTRWMA denote an "early" something,
>>whether a premature birth, miscarriage, stillborn, or abortion.
>>I do note that BDAG suggests a "later" idea here as well, but where
>>are the references to support that. Does this word ever denote
>>a "later" anything?
>Another possible tack comes via the LSJ, reading the word from its roots,
>meaning "out of trauma", because of the TROMEW root meaning motivated out of
>fear, trembling, trauma...  Which would also certainly have been true.
>Granted, this is a lexical-only approach, but in the absence of a really
>clear track record for the usage of this term for birth-mothers, it just
>might hold some water.
>George Blaisdell
>>From the LSJ
>I. to tremble, quake, quiver, esp. from fear, Il.:--c. inf. to fear to do,
>II. c. acc. to tremble before or at a person, to stand in awe of, Hom.
>It wqas apparently used in classical writing as a verb of contempt regarding
>ones motives - Fleeing from an adversary in combat would perhaps be
>attributed to this term...

The problem with this is that there's no earthly (or heavenly) relationship
between TROMEW (which means exactly what George says it means) and EKTRWMA.
The root involved in EKTRWMA is TRW- or ultimately TRAU- ("wound").

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