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Tue Aug 28 19:07:56 EDT 2001

At 1:36 PM -0500 8/28/01, Michael Holmes wrote:
>Rod Decker wrote,
>>Don't try moving copies of the same document from Word 95, 97, or 2000
>>between any other version of Word. Disaster. L.S. claims that it is a
>>Microsoft problem. But it's odd that these are the *only* fonts that I
>>know of that have the problem.<
>Rod is right on target re moving between the various iterations of Word;
>not even saving documents as .rtf solves the problem consistently. To add
>a note, I've experienced the problems he describes with other fonts as
>well; the problem is not restricted to L.S. fonts.
>If anyone knows of a slick solution for moving between the versions of
>Word (other than the obvious one of abandoning Word), I'd like to hear
>about it.
>Mike Holmes
>Bethel College

And for what it's worth, I can attest that the imbedded Greek fonts in Word
documents never carry over into Macintosh format, although the Word file
otherwise opens up flawlessly.

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