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George Blaisdell maqhth at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 28 19:30:48 EDT 2001

George Blaisdell
Roslyn, WA

"Be not troubling of you the heart..."
[From the Gospel of John, Chapter 14, verse 1.]

>From: "Carl W. Conrad"

>I really think that "geo" intended to send this to the list instead of
>sending two copies of it directly to me;

Indeed so!  I clicked reply, and through the Great Mystery of the Internet 
and my computer, two copies arrived in your lap.  So this one is going out 
'reply all' ...

>of course, he should have followed B-Greek protocol and used a full-name 

My e-mail program [hotmail] has this distracting bent that puts the 
signature line at the beginning of the post, as above here, and as you 
copied it below - Not in the headers, mind you, but at the beginning of the 
text.  I have taken this as license to sign off at the bottom with geo, 
since the full name signature begins the text.  If you prefer, I can sure 
sign off at the bottom too with my full name.

>I suppose it's possible he DID mean to send me two copies because that 
>would do me twice as much good.

Oh Carl - [hO KARLOS] - When the day comes that I am able to do anyone any 
good at all, let alone you, Satan will be handing out ice cream and good 
will at the fiery gates!

>If that were your intentions, George, I respect it!

Naaagghh!  I was just trying to post to the list and did so poorly...

Thank-you for reposting it for me.

> >George Blaisdell
> >Roslyn, WA
> >
> >"Be not troubling of you the heart..."
> >
> >>From: "Carl W. Conrad"
> >
> >>Perhaps there's some trepidation ... that it is an interesting but bold 

[Remainder snipped in fear of vanity :-)]

George Blaisdell

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