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on 8/28/01 9:22 AM, Sandra Hack Polaski wrote:

> I'd have to offer a significant caveat to that: the problem of embedding
> fonts.  In short: even if you and the person to whom you're sending a
> document have purchased and installed the same Greek font, you can't
> make it show up in Adobe Acrobat if it's engineered not to embed.  (The
> concern with embedding, BTW, is that it's theoretically possible to
> extract a proprietary font from an Adobe document.  So programmers
> simply write their fonts not to be Adobe-embeddable.)

Thank you Sandra,

That is a very useful bit of information. All the fonts I use are Adobe
Type1 and they distill and embed just fine. For biblical languages I use the
Linguists Software Greek and Hebrew and the fonts that come with Accordance.
Have not run into the problem you mentioned.

Thank you for making me aware of this problem.


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