Technology and teaching Greek

Sandra Hack Polaski shpolaski at
Tue Aug 28 12:22:20 EDT 2001

Clayton Stirling Bartholomew wrote:
> [stuff snipped]
> Being a publications guy for over two decades, the most significant
> technology change I have seen in recent years is electronic paper (Adobe
> Acrobat). This technology is now taken for granted but it certainly takes
> most of the pain out of sharing documents on biblical languages across
> platforms (Mac, MW, Unix, Linux). I am waiting to see it replace completely
> the MS Word doc as a standard format for shared files.
I'd have to offer a significant caveat to that: the problem of embedding
fonts.  In short: even if you and the person to whom you're sending a
document have purchased and installed the same Greek font, you can't
make it show up in Adobe Acrobat if it's engineered not to embed.  (The
concern with embedding, BTW, is that it's theoretically possible to
extract a proprietary font from an Adobe document.  So programmers
simply write their fonts not to be Adobe-embeddable.)

This means that, if you're using Adobe, there's a serious limitation (in
my experience) of which fonts you can use.  I've settled on SPIonic from
Scholars Press ( or ), which is free, complete,
and embeddable, but not particularly pretty.  I'd be glad to know how
others have solved this problem.

--Sandra Hack Polaski

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