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Sun Aug 26 02:39:09 EDT 2001

> Hi Iver:
> In light of L-N's mention of the probable implication of
> "regret," would you
> feel comfortable in saying that, in general, METAMELOMAI contains an
> emotional element that METANOEW lacks?
> --
> Steve Lo Vullo

No, I don't think I would be comfortable. In some of the six occurrences of
the word in the NT I can see an element of regret, and regret does involve
an emotional element. But I would be more comfortable saying that the word
indicates a change of mind and the context can supply the added emotional
element of regret.

It is often difficult to distinguish between what is implied by the word
itself and what is implied from the context. Most words in themselves are
open to different flavors, and it is the context that can flavor it towards
one direction or another. That is why dictionary definitions are helpful as
guidelines, but it is really the context that defines the particular sense
being in focus.

Of course, METAMELOMAI is connected to MELEI which means "to be a concern"
to someone. Does the word "concern" contain an emotional element in English?
In some contexts, yes, but not always.

Iver Larsen

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