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Noel Fitzpatrick noel.fitzpatrick at ucd.ie
Sat Aug 25 07:00:07 EDT 2001

Recently I have been attempting to do a search of the B-Greek 
archives with limited success. 

I managed to get only two hits for a search on "genitive abolute", 
both in August 2001, one  from Carl Conrad and the other from 
Richard Ghilardi.  Surely there must be more hits in the past 
archives archives.

To attempt a search, I first open the Biblical Greek  mailing list home 
page (http://www.ibiblio.org/bgreek/).  I next click "Archives (since 
28 June, 1998)".  On the next web page, when my name and 
password appear,  I click "click here to enter b-greek".  I do not 
know, for sure, what to do after this.

I would appreciate help on how to do a comprehensive search of the 

It might be a good idea to put into the home page instructions about 
searching archives.  



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