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For what it's worth, here's LSJ on senses normally assumed by META- in

I. of community or participation, as in metadidômi, metechô, usu. c. gen. rei.
2. of action in common with another, as in metadainumai, metamelpomai,
etc., c. dat. pers.
II. in the midst of, of space or time, as in metadêmios, metadorpios 1 ;
between, as in metaichmion, metapurgion.
III. of succession of time, as in metadorpios 2 , metaklaiô, metautika.
IV. of pursuit, as in metadiôkô, meterchomai.
V. of letting go, as in methiêmi, methêmôn.
VI. after, behind, as in metaphrenon, opp. prosthe.
VII. reversely, as in metatrepô, metastrephô.
VIII. most freq. of change of place, condition, plan, etc., as in
metabainô, metaballô, metabouleuô, metagignôskô, etc.

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