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At 16:44 24/08/01, Keith Trump wrote:

>metanoia is used to express a change of action.
>A definate turning from that which is evil to that which is good [see 
>Acts3:19 & 26:20]

In both these NT examples, there are _two_ verbs : first, _repent _and 
THEN  _turn_

>Although this exact word is not used in the LXX

Actually there are 7 occurrences:
Pr 14:15
  Odes of Solomon 12:9 (twice)
  Sir 44:16
  Wis 11:23 ; 12:10 ; 12:19

You will notice that the only reference above which applies to the Hebrew 
Bible is in Proverbs -- and this is a subject of dispute cf. the discussion 
of this point in the _very_ long article in TDNT

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