LXX Psalm 20

Thomas J. Kraus tj.kraus at gmx.de
Fri Aug 24 08:18:46 EDT 2001

Dear B-Greekers,

after pondering quite a time about LXX Psalm 20:13, I have to ask for
assistance. Probably, I can´t see the wood for the trees anymore!


Well, to start with the first part seems quite clear: and you will make
them backs, ie. you will make that they will turn their backs (probably:
Now, Rahlfs in his Goettinger Edition provides a full stop in front of EN
so that the next set (the prepositional phrase with EN) should be
understand as belonging to the second part of the verse. But what do with
EN TOIS PERILOIPOIS? There is only Amos 5:15 where we find it once more,
and there its usual sense `rest´, `remnant´ fits pretty well. But where is
the sense in Psa 20:13?
The Masora is obvious there (BHS, translated `you will make ready your
[bow]strings against their faces´ or the like) with - sorry for the
defective transliteration - Me´TaR `cord´, `string´, `rope´, or `sinew´
(pars pro toto for `bow´) which is preceded by the preposition Ba `in´,
`at´, `with´ (here probably instrumental `with´). To make things even
clearer the `faces´ are preceded by the preposition Al `at´ (here
Of course, I might guess and think of metaphorical usage and the like
(PERILOIPOS as the rest of a meal or the remnant of an animal sacrifice ...
ie. sinews). But is this it?
1) Any comment is very much welcome!
2) Does anyone know how the Fathers commented on this verse/this psalm? Of
predominant interest to me are Theodoret of Cyrus, Didymus the Blind,
Diodor of Tarsus, Theodor of Mopsuestia, Chrysostom, and Jerome.
3) Can anybody, please, lead me to the commenaries of those Fathers
(editions, bibliographical date, online texts ...)?

Thanks in advance!

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