TI GEGONEN in John 14:22

Bret A. Hicks bret at viafamily.com
Thu Aug 23 13:16:16 EDT 2001

I was studying John 14:22 and Judas asks Jesus TI GEGONEN HOTI HEMIN MELLEIS EMPHANIZEIN

My question is how to understand TI GEGONEN.  Does it mean 

a)  "What has happened (that you now only intend to show yourslef to us and not to the world)

b) "Why (do you intend to show yourself only to us and not to the world)

Choice (a) seems more literal, and this seems to be the understanding of the NASB.  However, Jesus' reply seems to answer option (b), and this is how the NIV translates it.  Robertson (Grammar, 739) seems to understand it to mean something close to option (b).

Any comments on how to understand this?

In Christ,

Bret A. Hicks
Pastor, Bay Ridge Christian Church
Annapolis, Md 
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